725 West Ash Street, Globe AZ 85501
Do you bore yourself eating the same thing every day for lunch? Then you should stop by @Bernard's Coffee Station tomorrow (Wednesday)! They are dishing up South African food during their lunch hour – think ground beef curry with potatoes and peas, rice and lentils, roti bread and salad. Not a fan of meat? No worries, you can opt for the vegetarian/vegan plate and still get a taste of South Africa.

Be sure to tip your hat to Michelle Joshua for the meal. Michelle and her husband initially moved to Globe from South Africa in 2010, and have been hopping back and forth between the two locations since. Michelle has a history with food preparation. Back home, she was constantly involved in fund-raising and catering. Nowadays you can find her in the kitchen at Bernard's.

In South Africa, there's a lot of inbreeding when it comes to food, she says. There you have South Africans, French, Spanish, Mexicans, and Indians all intermingling and sharing ideas, including culinary ones. Not unlike how we operate here in the U.S.

What Michelle is serving tomorrow is actually a fusion of South African and South Asian cuisine, inspired by her father's cooking. Roti is a South Asian-style bread. It's like a round, fluffy tortilla, she says. The salad includes coriander and cilantro, both very common spices in South Asia.

So, toss aside the ham sandwich and chicken salad tomorrow, and give your taste buds a new experience!

(Pictured: One version of roti, you get the idea! Image borrowed from Wikimedia Commons.)

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